Monday, September 19, 2016

Gaylord Hotel (part two)

Gaylord Dec 2014 part 2

I highly recommend this hotel during the month of December.  There's so much to see and do.

Gaylord Dec 2014 part 21

Gaylord Dec 2014 part 23

Gaylord Dec 2014 part 24

Gaylord Dec 2014 part 25

Gaylord Dec 2014 part 26

Gaylord Dec 2014 part 27

Gaylord Dec 2014 part 28

Gaylord Dec 2014 part 29

Gaylord Dec 2014 part 22

My family is so funny! Ha-ha! They are acting like they are exhausted but we do need to head home for a Christmas party at the Johnson's house and luckily, they are right across the street from us!
Gaylord Dec 2014 part 210

Gaylord Hotel (part one)

Gaylord Dec 2014

Another place to visit during the Christmas season is the Gaylord Hotel located in Grapevine.
Gaylord Dec 20141

Krueger Christmas Weekend 201428

 Our family picture.

Krueger Christmas Weekend 201429

The kids wanted to take a picture of mommy and daddy.

Krueger Christmas Weekend 201430

Gaylord Dec 20142

The train sets are so impressive!

Krueger Christmas Weekend 201431

This is also a great place to take pictures for your Christmas cards.
Krueger Christmas Weekend 201432

Gaylord Dec 20143

I can't imagine the hours spent making these very impressive "gingerbread" houses!
Gaylord Dec 20144

Galleria Mall


Krueger Christmas Weekend 201418

We LOVE looking at Christmas decorations and the Galleria Mall has anything and everything you could possibly want!  This is the tree located outside the mall as you enter the parking lot.

Krueger Christmas Weekend 201419

 Entrance to the mall.

Krueger Christmas Weekend 201420

Really, really big tree on the skating rink!

Krueger Christmas Weekend 201423

Krueger Christmas Weekend 201425

Krueger Christmas Weekend 201421

Playing with fun gadgets at the Brookstone store.
Krueger Christmas Weekend 201422

Krueger Christmas Weekend 201424

Krueger Christmas Weekend 201426

This girl has decided that she is tired and does not want to walk down the stairs.

Krueger Christmas Weekend 201427

She was also part of this display so I think it's time to leave.

Deerfield Christmas Lights

Krueger Christmas Weekend 2014

After leaving Brad and Krysti's house, we headed towards the north Plano area but quickly drove through the Frisco area to see their giant Christmas tree.

Krueger Christmas Weekend 20141

The neighborhood that has the best Christmas lights/decorations is called Deerfield and it is located in northwest Plano and the lights are on from 7pm-11pm.

Krueger Christmas Weekend 20142

About 20 years ago, when Deerfield was being built, it was considered by many to be too far north.  There were only fields and the builders wanted to get people into the neighborhood so for 3 or 4 Christmas seasons, they offered the homeowners a $5,000 prize for 1st place, $2,500 for 2nd place, and $1,000 for 3rd place.  Several homeowners got very competitive!  One house had their teenage daughter get dressed in an angel costume and would stand in the front window and act like an animated figure.  You had to look closely to realize it was a real person.  That's how the tradition of decorating to the max began.

Krueger Christmas Weekend 20143

You can easily view the neighborhood by reserving a carriage ride.  The cost for 6 passengers is $145, 8-10 is $195, 18-20 is $250 and the Cinderella Carriage (up to 6 passengers) is $195.

Krueger Christmas Weekend 20145

Or, you could do a Segway tour which is only $30/person. 

Krueger Christmas Weekend 20146

Krueger Christmas Weekend 20147

Krueger Christmas Weekend 20148

Krueger Christmas Weekend 20149

Krueger Christmas Weekend 201410

Krueger Christmas Weekend 201411

Krueger Christmas Weekend 201412

Krueger Christmas Weekend 201413

Krueger Christmas Weekend 201414

Krueger Christmas Weekend 20144

It's our very favorite neighborhood to look at Christmas lights!

Krueger Christmas Weekend 201415

Then, we finally made it to our hotel located across the street from the Galleria Mall. The kids LOVE staying in a hotel!

Krueger Christmas Weekend 201416

Krueger Christmas Weekend 201417

They also LOVE bringing their favorite stuffed animals!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Krueger Christmas


Krueger Christmas 20141

We are having the Krueger Christmas party at Brad and Krysti's house located in Royse City at 1pm on this lovely Saturday.

Krueger Christmas 201415

We were asked to wear an ugly sweater.

Krueger Christmas 20142

Krueger Christmas 20143

Krueger Christmas 20144

Krueger Christmas 20145

Krueger Christmas 20146

Krueger Christmas 20147

Krueger Christmas 20148

Krueger Christmas 20149

Krueger Christmas 201410

Krueger Christmas 201411

Krueger Christmas 201412

Krueger Christmas 201414

Krueger Christmas 201413

Jan won the ugly sweater award.

Krueger Christmas 201417

Cute shirts from Kathleen.

Krueger Christmas 201418

We shared many laughs, took time to catch up on life, ate some delicious food and enjoyed opening up the white elephant gifts.  I took a lot of pictures on Brent's phone but I didn't get them before they were deleted so that's why there are no pictures of us opening gifts. A big thanks to Brad and Krysti for hosting!

Krueger Christmas 201416

Beck is in love with Brad's aquarium!